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Pain Is Your Friend NOT Your Enemy

A Bad Reputation

Pain has gotten a bad rap these days. So many people see pain as a negative force in their life but there are many virtues to this unpleasant experience.

The body is designed to send signals indicating when a course correction is needed. Pain is one of these important signals. Typically pain is a sensation felt to let us know that something is wrong.

We don’t misjudge pain when we accidentally touch something hot or bump into something sharp. We accept that feeling this pain has helped us from burning or puncturing ourselves.

Substituting Pill Popping for Self-Care and Maintenance

So it is, or should be, with the majority of the muscular and structural pain. The biggest problem in today’s society is that clever marketing campaigns have convinced many of us that all we need to get rid of our pain is a pill.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for pain relievers. But routinely substituting pill-popping for self-care and maintenance is no way to muddle our way through life.

Don’t Ignore or Mask Your Body’s Pain

When pain is ignored or masked the body begins to deteriorate or worse yet, it stops sending pain signals that have been continually ignored and just does its best to compensate and make do with what it’s being given.

The danger in this is that eventually a straw will break the camel’s back and there will be a catastrophic failure of one kind or another that can be life-altering and even potentially life-threatening.

Black female in Yoga class providing self-care

Give Your Pain the Attention It Deserves

So the next time you feel a twinge, an ache, or a pain PLEASE give it the attention it deserves and use one of the many tools out there from Massage to Acupuncture, Exercise to Stretching, Chiropractic to Physical Therapy to identify and resolve the underlying issue(s) that is/are causing your pain. You’ll be glad you did!

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