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The ancient healing art of Reiki originated in Japan and focuses on the wellness of the inner being of who we are. Some call it energy, others the spirit or soul, yet others define it as the electromagnetic field that encapsulates the body. To us it is all one and the same, the essence of who we are as a person. And just like the physical body needs massage to relieve physical stress, our energy field needs Reiki to clear emotional stress.

Reiki in Charlotte
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Our relationship with food is complex and ever evolving. The philosophy of our dietitian nutritionist is to determine the best strategy with each client to meet their individual dietary needs and wellness goals. Whether you are looking for better overall health, experiencing a change in dietary needs do to a health condition, or help training for a specific sport or goal, we will work to create a plan to help create long-lasting, better nutrition. Before the first visit in person or online a 15-minute complementary phone consultation will help be scheduled to determine the best plan of action.

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  • We have a 24-hour cancellation / reschedule policy. Any appointments who fail to provide adequate notice will have their credit card on file charged for the full amount of their service. (First time clients are subject to a non-refundable $60 deposit per service per person. Deposits can be applied to future services if cancellation/rescheduling is inside a 24-hour cancellation.)
  • Patronage is primarily by-appointment-only. Walk-ins are subject to availability. We strongly recommend calling ahead as opposed to walking in to greatly increase the likelihood of being able to receive services.
  • We are a professional establishment that provide a wide variety of services, none of which involve sexual activity.
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