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When not to get a massage
When is Massage the Wrong Thing to Do?

It is just as important to know when and where to massage as it is to know when and where NOT to massage.

Contraindications, or conditions that would not be recommended for massage, include but are not limited to:

When You Have a Contagious or Communicable Skin Infection

Contagious or communicable skin infections that are viral, bacterial or fungal. While it is generally a good rule of thumb to share with others these are not the types of things that we should be sharing.

When You Have a Traumatic Injury

Acute injury After a traumatic injury when the muscles are in full-blown inflammation it is best to ice for the first 72 hours and wait for that initial inflammation to calm before beginning a massage therapy regimen to aid in the healing process.

If You Are Concerned That the Joint Can’t Handle the Stress

If joint or structural compromise is suspected. Many times when a joint or vertebra of the back are compromised the muscles will tighten and spasm in order to stabilize that area. If the muscles are loosened up during a massage session, it can destabilize that joint and cause more damage. It is always best to get an MRI and confirm joint stabilization if there is any suspicion that this may be an issue before beginning massage.

It is essential when you begin working with any new massage therapist that you communicate a full picture of your health history during your intake so your therapist can best assess your needs.

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