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Mother and Newborn Post Partum

The First 4-5 Months Postpartum are Essential to a Mother’s Health

If you are currently expecting, plan to be or know someone who may at some time be, then listen up! In other words, this information is for everyone. This is
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African American Male enduring a tension headache

Common Tension Headache Trigger Points

Headaches are about as common an ailment as anything these days. When these headaches are caused by stress or tension the ideal solution is pinpointing the source of this tension and
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Caucasian male face down on massage table receiving a shoulder massage

The Lazy Man’s Exercise

Most people know that both regular exercise and massage are great for your health. But a little-known fact about both is that they are nearly identical and their health benefits.
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Healthy foods for nutrition, avocados, blueberries, brussel sprouts, olives, oats, etc.

4 Natural Immune Boosters Simplified

It’s that time of year again (finally!) when the air cools down and the germs they start a-spreadin’. With six kids all over the place, there’s not much that doesn’t
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Older man experiencing pain in his glutes.

Muscle Specific Self Care: Piriformis

The largest of the deep hip rotators, the piriformis can be responsible for the common ailment of pseudo-sciatica or piriformis syndrome.It is important to note the difference between pseudo-sciatica and
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Massage therapist administering a massage inside the home of a client

Pair Theory: The Three to Five Day Rule

Often times when clients come to me they are in dire straits. Their pain is so debilitating that they are unable to work, sleep, or function normally. This tends to
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Female receiving a Swedish massage

Types of Massage Explained: Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most common massage modalities, particularly in the United States. Before we dive into the Swedish Massage, let’s tackle a term you will be hearing
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male receiving a myofascial release massage

What is Myofascial Release?

We hear a lot about fascia these days but most people don’t even know what it is. First, Let’s Talk About Fascia Fascia is the connective tissue in the body
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