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Our body treatment massages have been custom-designed to inspire and nourish your soul. We offer a variety of treatments to restore your skin and bring new life to your body. Our European trained therapists are skilled in the craft of rejuvenation and relaxation.


Indonesie Ancestrale

The Indonesie Ancestrale is a cultural and olfactory escape created with a combination of sandalwood and jasmine. This original treatment protocol, developed by Sothys, was inspired by ancestral Indonesian beauty rituals to bring about powerful well-being for the body and mind by rebalancing their energies. 

Body Treatments

Sensations Orientales

A captivating ritual with oriental fragrances of Myrrh and Amber. In the initiation phase to this journey, a hand-crafted exfoliating stone is used. This clay stone was created by a regional artisan in Corrèze, France using traditional methods. Your take home “souvenir” can be re-used for personal care. Warmed amber modeling oil is massaged into skin next, with deeply relaxing massage techniques exclusively developed by Sothys. This unrivaled sensory experience leaves skin luminous, soft and hydrated.


Hanakasumi means “Mist of Cherry Blossoms” in Japanese. A rejuvenating and nourishing body ritual inspired by Japanese tradition. Papaya exfoliation leaves skin silky soft, while a Sothys Signature foot massage is performed. Warmed shea butter delicately perfumed with cherry blossom and rice powder is applied to the skin for long-lasting smoothness and hydration. An invitation to travel to far-off places.

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Customized Sensorial Escape

A customized and unique body ritual with delicate aromas offers total relaxation and a sensory experience. The ritual begins with a sweet and salty exfoliation for velvety soft skin. A superbly relaxing body massage with your choice of essential oils is added to make this ritual truly a one-of-its kind treatment.

Herbal Wrap

A customized and relaxing treatment that offers detoxification. This treatment is great for anyone who enjoys moist heat and is like a personal sauna. The wrap process will draw out toxins from the body in a natural manner leaving you feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

Herbal Wrap being given to woman at a spa


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Sensorial Body Buff

A gentle exfoliation ritual for all skin types. Sea salts and natural sugar grains leave the skin velvety soft and smooth. Customize by selecting one of 3 fragrant escapes: lemon & petitgrain, orange blossom & cedar wood or vanilla & sandalwood.